Modern Urology

Our Mission at Modern Urology Colorado

  • Treat each patient as an individual and customize their care.  
  • Approach urologic problems with conservative treatment options before recommending surgical intervention as appropriate.
  • Provide the highest quality, up-to-date medical care to treat current urologic problems. 
  • Evaluate the root cause of a patient’s urologic problem and work to prevent future urologic problems. 
  • Provide timely and excellent follow up.
Why Choose Modern Urology

Transforming Lives with State-of-the-Art Urologic Care. Discover Our Cutting-Edge Treatments.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Dr. Carolyn Fronczak's Urological Care for Men & Women

Are you ready to reclaim your confidence? Look no further! Dr. Carolyn Fronczak’s urological care is here to empower you, regardless of your gender.

Accepted Insurance

We welcome new patients and take the following insurances (List all plans accepted within each plan).

  • Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care 
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage plans


We offer multiple procedures in the office including cystoscopy, vasectomy, bladder biopsy, prostate biopsy, urodynamics, fusion prostate biopsies, Urolift, Xiaflex, bladder botox, peripheral tibial nerve stimulation, sacral neuromodulation, E coin, Trimix injection teaching, urethral bulking, ultrasound of the kidney, bladder, and prostate.  We offer in-office light anesthesia for patients wanting extra relaxation with their procedures. 


Modern Urology is conveniently located ½ mile off of I-25 and Highway 52 in the Indian Peaks Medical Center on the first floor.  Parking is easy and abundant.  Look for our signage over our entryway “Modern Urology” on the northeast side.

Dr. Fronczak has invested in high-end technology in order to offer patients a comfortable and relaxing experience for their office visit and their procedures. 

Transform Your Life with UroLift:
A Minimally Invasive Enlarged Prostate Treatment

Discover the Power of UroLift: Say Goodbye to BPH Symptoms

  1. Dr. Fronczak has achieved recognition as a Center of Excellence (COE) for Urolift and is the first female urologist in Colorado to achieve the COE designation. 
  2. To earn the Urolift Center of Excellence designation, Dr. Fronczak was clinically proctored on the safe and effective use of UroLift and earned UroLift COE distinction only after demonstrating superb clinical outcomes with UroLift.
  3. UroLift is an enlarged prostate treatment recommended by the American Urological Association. 
  4. UroLift works by placing tiny MRI compatible implants into the prostate which pulls the obstructing prostate lobes apart from one another to open up the pathway for urine.
  5. There are no sexual side effects with UroLift. 
  6. UroLift procedures are done in the office with nitrous oxide laughing gas or local anesthetic. 
  7. Sometimes, UroLift treatment of more difficult prostate anatomy will be done in the operating room under general anesthesia. 
  8. Many UroLift patients go home after their procedure without a foley catheter. 
  9. But if a foley is needed after Urolift, most foley catheters are in place for less than 48 hours. 
Revolutionizing BPH Treatment:
What Sets UroLift Apart
Experience Lasting Relief:
The UroLift Advantage
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The providers at Modern Urology team up with our patients.  We listen, we include our patients in the decision-making process, and we educate them on their condition.  This approach leads to finding the root cause of the urologic problem and success at preventing future urologic problems.  

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We understand that many patients do not want, nor need surgery.  The providers at Modern Urology will approach our patient’s urologic problems with conservative treatment options before recommending surgical procedures, as appropriate. 

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Modern Urology offers the most advanced evaluation and treatment options.  From using the highest quality diagnostic equipment to offering nitrous oxide for anxious patients, we provide superior urologic care in a relaxed pleasant environment.