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What Is Hematuria?

Hematuria is the medical term for blood in the urine.

The blood may or may not be visible.

Hematuria is diagnosed if there are 3 or more red blood cells per high power field on your urine microscopy analysis or if you see that your urine looks bloody.

A standard work up per the American Urological Society is to do a special CT scan called a CT urogram, and a cystoscopy, which is a look in the bladder with a camera.Often if blood in the urine is visible by the patient, urine can be sent for a special urine test called a urine cytology.

What Causes Hematuria?

Causes for blood in the urine are many and include a urinary tract infection, kidney or bladder stones, anatomical abnormality of the urinary system including abnormal narrowing in the urinary system (stricture), enlarged prostate (BPH), cancer in the kidney, ureters, bladder, prostate, or urethra.

If you see blood in the urine, make an appointment with the providers at Modern Urology.

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The providers at Modern Urology team up with our patients.  We listen, we include our patients in the decision-making process, and we educate them on their condition.  This approach leads to finding the root cause of the urologic problem and success at preventing future urologic problems.  

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We understand that many patients do not want, nor need surgery.  The providers at Modern Urology will approach our patient’s urologic problems with conservative treatment options before recommending surgical procedures, as appropriate. 

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Modern Urology offers the most advanced evaluation and treatment options.  From using the highest quality diagnostic equipment to offering nitrous oxide for anxious patients, we provide superior urologic care in a relaxed pleasant environment.