Peripheral tibial
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Overactive bladder treatment with virtually no risks

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Overactive bladder treatments can include behavioral modifications, medications, and 3rd line interventions.

Treatments for overactive bladder are the same for women and men.

It is like doing acupuncture.

The tiny acupuncture needle is placed above the inner ankle bone near a nerve called the peripheral tibial nerve.

The acupuncture needle is then stimulated with an electrical current, the stimulation should not be painful.

A buzzing or tingling in the toes can be felt from the stimulation and the toes may curl downward.

When the nerve is stimulated, it sends signals to one of the bladder control areas in the spine and calms the bladder down so it is not so hyperactive.

It takes usually 8-9 treatments to reduce symptoms and success is measured by reducing the overactive bladder symptoms by 50% or more.


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The providers at Modern Urology team up with our patients.  We listen, we include our patients in the decision-making process, and we educate them on their condition.  This approach leads to finding the root cause of the urologic problem and success at preventing future urologic problems.  

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We understand that many patients do not want, nor need surgery.  The providers at Modern Urology will approach our patient’s urologic problems with conservative treatment options before recommending surgical procedures, as appropriate. 

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Modern Urology offers the most advanced evaluation and treatment options.  From using the highest quality diagnostic equipment to offering nitrous oxide for anxious patients, we provide superior urologic care in a relaxed pleasant environment.