A Safe And A Highly Effective Method For Family Planning.

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The providers at Modern Urology team up with our patients.  We listen, we include our patients in the decision-making process, and we educate them on their condition.  This approach leads to finding the root cause of the urologic problem and success at preventing future urologic problems.  

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We understand that many patients do not want, nor need surgery.  The providers at Modern Urology will approach our patient’s urologic problems with conservative treatment options before recommending surgical procedures, as appropriate. 

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Modern Urology offers the most advanced evaluation and treatment options.  From using the highest quality diagnostic equipment to offering nitrous oxide for anxious patients, we provide superior urologic care in a relaxed pleasant environment. 

Fronczak does a NO SCAPLE NO NEEDLE VASECTOMY in her office with the a technique that per the American Urological Association, has the least failure rate.

Vasectomy is a safe and a highly effective method for family planning.

For men who do not want children or no longer wish to have more children, a vasectomy offers a permanent, over 99% effective form of birth control that is both less expensive and less risky than female tubal ligation.

A vasectomy will not change the experience of intercourse, the volume of ejaculate, libido, or erections.

Fronczak does a “Triple Hit” to each of your vas deferens (men have two, one for each testicle).

This “triple hit” is a snip, block, bury. She will go over this technique at your appointment.

Local anesthesia works wonderful for this procedure but nitrous oxide is also an option to have for this procedure.

No prep is needed and shaving is not recommended (shaving increases risk of infection by putting tiny often not visible cuts into the skin, increasing bacterial invasion into theses tiny cuts).

  • Avoid blood thinners 7 days before your procedure – link to page on anticoagulation and antiplatelets
  • If you are on a prescription blood thinner or aspirin, discuss with Dr. Fronczak
  • Avoid blood thinning supplements 7 days before your vasectomy
    • Aspirin, ibuprofen, Fish oil, turmeric, garlic
  • A vasectomy takes 30 minutes or less and is done in the office.
  • You will lay on your back with our legs straight.
  • Your scrotum with get prepped with betadine or other cleansing solution if you have an allergy to betadine.
  • Each vas is found and lidocaine is injected into the skin over the vas with a special device that replaces the need for a needle injection of lidocaine.
  • An instrument makes a small skin opening and the vas is exposed, a section of each vas is removed, the vas ends are closed shut with cautery, and the ends are buried one above the other separated by tissue. All theses steps are the key to give the lowest risk of failure. 
  • The skin opening heals on its own without need for suture closure.

Post vasectomy instructions

  • No strenuous activity, heavy lifting, intercourse, masturbation for 7 days after your vasectomy.
  • Walking is OK and encouraged.
  • Scrotal support and ice to scrotum as needed (20minutes on/20minutes off) for comfort for the first 48 hours.
  • Tylenol or ibuprofen OK as needed for discomfort after your vasectomy.
  • After 7 days, resume sexual activity but continue using birth control until you give your post-vasectomy semen specimen.

Post vasectomy semen sample

  • Semen sample is given only after completing at least 25 ejaculations over a 90 day period. Do not do 25 ejaculations over a short period of time or complications will likely arise, such as pain, bloody ejaculate, possibly failure of your vasectomy. The need for several ejaculations is because millions of a man’s sperm are stored in the seminal vesicles (a storage reservoir for sperm that is downstream from the vasectomy site) and the seminal vesicles needs to be cleared out of sperm before the sample is given.
  • 90 days is needed in order to verify no living sperm are present as sperm can live 90 days in the seminal vesicles.
  • Success of vasectomy is confirmed after post vasectomy semen samples confirms no sperm or <100,000 dead sperm (a man will ejaculate usually 100 million sperm at a time).

ANY concerns after your vasectomy, call Dr. Fronczak’s office to discuss.